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Apparently Brooks lives on with a new freedom under Selle Royal's ownership!

Here we see the entrance to the Selle Royal booth with a Rivendell out front!

The saddle product range with new display packaging..

A "modern" Swallow? Looks awfully good!

The most elegant saddle?

Titanium underpinnings...

Small, simple yet refined bags...

This deluxe bag may not make it into production and if it does, it WILL be expensive.

Dario Pegoretti had yet another classic style model Luigino on display, this year with double plate crown and wooden rims!


The seat band logo,  which in this context, somehow reminds the viewer of the Dave Moulton logo of bygone days!


Engraved double plate fork crown...


Lovely shaped cut outs in rear lug "skirt"; normally  this skirt area would be the spot to receive
the direct-brazed seats stays (this is the same lug used on the  DeRosa Neo Primato.)


Another view of the head lug/fork crown area...

Rivendell strikes again! Just what we all expected from the creative mind of Grant Petersen! 
No, I don't mean those carefully honed Rambouillets, etc.. but look at those tires, with almost
garish colors printed in rectangles on the side wall! The cool part is that when they get up
to speed, the colors blend and create another pleasing (honest!) single hue! Really!

Richard Bryne, so successful with his Speedplay pedal system, also has become
 involved in a wonderful collection of "pedals from the past" The oldies are in that
flat aluminum case insider the show display..

Here is over 100 years of pedal design.. Some wonderful, some goofy!


The Assos pedals were pretty neat aesthetically ...


Chater Lea, the "Campagnolo or early 20th Century England,  just preceded the age of aluminum components...

A perfect candidate for the "Screwball Bike of the Show" award! (What does it do anyway?)

Merlin's over-the-top engraved model "Cyrene" was an amazement (Stress risers anyone?)



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