Bicycle Frame Refinishing & Repairs
Updated 6.19.2018

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Updated 6.19.2018

   cycles de ORO offers fine bicycle frame restoration, repainting and/or customizing.  We are especially interested in renovating vintage lightweight bicycles. 
   Some services are performed in-house, some are out-sourced; in all cases cycles de ORO oversees the process to ensure the highest standards apply to your valued bike!

   You can get an idea about total cost by studying the information below.

   The entire process will take a broad range of at least 8-12 weeks as the seasonal ebb and flow can sometimes lengthen the process. We do our bit here in the shop quickly but our vendors are in high demand, so....

(Please note we do not offer or recommend "powder coat" refinishing.)

"Wet" DuPont Imron or other similar deluxe catalyzed paint systems.

   A better finish than original manufacturers' paint.
- chemically stripping to bare metal,

- plastic media blasting in problem areas,
- treatment of any corrosion* with acid metal prep,  
- spraying with DuPont Corlar catalyzed primer coats.
- spraying with one standard**  color of your choice.
- Final baking to dry frame set.


"Wet" DuPont Imron or other similar deluxe catalyzed paint systems.

     The top of the line!  All the above steps plus:
-  many (thinner) color coats with hand sanding in between.

-  application of manufacturers or custom decals
            (decals themselves not included)
-  Imron or similar clear coats with sanding to achieve "buried" look for decals.  (Note some decals, especially cut vinyl, cannot be as flat as others.)


* Bike frames with extensive rust must receive additional work and charges based on time spent starting at $50. and up.

** Standard colors are either metallics or non-metallic opaques in primary colors.
See below for extra cost color variations.

A Imron color chart HERE
(Note different computer screens will yield slight variances in colors, so use these as an approximation)


"Candy Apple" These finishes involve a gold or silver metallic base coat, followed-up with multiple coats of a translucent "see through" color, so that the undercoat shines through the outer coat...Giving a unique & beautiful radiance.


Pearlescent This is a special "Fish Scale" like additive to the final paint applications which gives a shimmering, iridescent effect to colors. Many different results can be achieved by varying colors.


Fades Pick any standard DuPont Imron colors, in any arrangement (see diagrams in shop.) Transitions are over an approximately 4 inch area.
(requires an additional cost clear coat)

per color

Long Fades As above, but with transition between colors (recommend two maximum) over much longer area, 12 inches or more. (requires an additional cost clear coat)

per color

Head Tubes
Masking & painting any contrasting standard Imron color from lower head lug edge to upper head lug edge .  Applies to simple "smooth edged" lugs.  Fancy lugs (Nervex, hand-cut, etc.) can be considerably more $. (requires an additional cost clear coat)


Contrasting Panels Masking & painting a main tube panel contrasting standard Imron color. (you specify width & location)
(requires an additional cost clear coat)


Entire Contrasting
Seat tube
Masking & painting any contrasting standard Imron color from lower seat lug edge to upper bottom bracket edge .  Applies to simple "smooth edged" lugs.  Fancy lugs (Nervex, hand-cut, etc.) can be considerably more $.
(requires an additional cost clear coat)


Clear coat  "Wet look" baked clear coats.Required with all the above multi-color options.



Labor to apply in position that you precisely specify. Customer supplies decals and takes responsibility for their usability*. cycles de ORO may be able to source some replica decals, inquire. 

*Some original older decals especially "Varnish apply" cannot be used because their aging and type cannot be reliably applied.  cycles de ORO will not take responsibility for the viability of supplied decals.

to apply

(saving) Chrome
    Prepping, covering & taping of protected areas. Fancy lugs (Nervex, hand-cut, etc.) or transitions can be considerably more $.

per line

Pin Striping lugs     This traditional technique is regaining popularity. Usually done in a contrasting color... Includes head lugs, seat lugs. Bottom bracket extra.. Fancy lugs (Nervex, hand-cut, etc.) can be considerably more $.

$65. & up

Painting lugs
in contrasting colors
The look similar to that on Peugeot PX 10s from the 1960s -70s. Price is for "simple lugs"... Nervex and ornate lugs at least double $!


Customers name
on top tube
Vinyl lettering approximately 1/2 inch tall on one side of top tube (You decide front or rear, left or right. Clear coat recommended as protection.)


Hand painted name, otherwise as above, not as perfect in alignment or spacing but having it's own "character". Price includes one rendering of first and last name.


Painting various parts to match Stem, shock fork, pump, cages, pannier racks, etc. Needs to be done at same time as frame for color match

 $35 & up per item.

Other special customizing effects are available...
Almost anything you can dream up! Smoke, splatters, swirls, flat (none glare), camouflage, etc.
Priced by the job but usually adding about 30% to total cost.

Metalwork Frame repair or modification
cycles de ORO provides brazing operations only at the same time as paintwork.
Most are performed using silver brazing compound and includes actual brazed-on parts.

Standard water bottle mounts $45. pair   Shifter bosses, Campy style. $45. pair
Deluxe water bottles mounts with star shaped decoration $60. pair Seat stay rack mounts. (Please supply the actual rack you intend to use) $35. pair
3 top tube cable tunnel guides $50. set Rack mounts on dropouts.
(Please supply the rack you intend to use)
$45. pair
2 top tube slotted brake stops $40. pair Low rider mounts on fork.
(Please supply the rack you intend to use)
Through-the-top-tube brake cable routing $150. 2 chafing rings on head tube $35. pair
Gear cable guides, top of bottom bracket or underneath $40. pair Pump peg (specify location.) $25. each
Replacing tubes, dropouts. Starting at $150. Removal brazed on bits and pieces. $25.
each & up
Repairing brake bridges, converting to different brakes mountings. By quote
Filling dents, blemishes $45.
each & up
Repairing crushed seat binder ears $85. Straightening & aligning $65.
frame only.
frame & fork

All prices are for those specific services only.
Prices do not include shipping unpainted frames to or from cycles de ORO,
bicycle disassembly, reassembly labor & nor parts if needed.

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