Updated 11.29.2016
                           Subject to change without notice.

Estimates, not quotes.   If job is seen to exceed 10% of estimate, the customer will be called for permission to proceed.  These prices do not include parts unless specifically stated. * All repair jobs receive a $5 lube & solvents fee.
Replace tube and/or tire, with quick release or if wheel brought in alone.


Adjust derailleur gears, front or rear, each $20.



1. Brake adjustment front and rear.
 Gear shifting adjustment, front & rear.
3. Wheels trued front and rear.
4. External lubrication of pivot points, drive chain, shifting mechanisms & brakes.
5. Checking tightness on all critical components.
6. Safety inspection and air up of tires.
7. Wipe down with cleaner polish.
8. Test ride & follow up adjustments.


Replace tube and/or tire,  with nutted axle on bike.


Install new cable & adjust derailleur, (not STI) $25.
Replace tube and/or tire, coaster brake or 3 speed with wheel on the bike. $20. Replace & adjust STI shifters, front or rear, each $35.
Install sew-up tire (also called "tubular") including glue $45. Replace derailleur, front or rear, & adjust $30.
True rim, cost depending upon severity $15 - $35. Align rear derailleur hanger, re-install derailleur & adjust $35.
Replace spoke(s) and re-true rim $35. Size & install new chain $20.
Re-dish wheel   $25. Adjust /tighten bottom bracket bearings (removing cranks, etc.) $40.
Install a new rim using spokes & hub $35 Overhaul BB one piece "Ashtabula" style cranks with new bearings $40.
Custom build wheel from separate parts $50. Overhaul BB w /new bearings loose ball square taper cranks $55.
Custom build wheel from separate parts & bladed spokes $65. Overhaul BB with new bearings cottered cranks $55.


Install new sealed BB (not needing bb machining) $35.



1. Everything in tune-up.
2. Removing & cleaning complete drive train: chain, crank set & derailleurs.
3. Removing & cleaning full brake system.  
4. Install new all 4 derailleur & brake inner cables.
5.Repacking bbkt., head set & hubs, if loose ball style.
6.  Both wheels fixture trued for side-to-side and concentricity.


Adjust bearings, front hub $15.

Machine and tap BB threads

Adjust bearings, rear hub $20. Crank removal if needed for above $15.
Adjust bearings, coaster brake $20. Straighten or replace chain rings, each $20.
Repack loose ball front hub w new bearings. $30. Tap, clean pedal hole threads each $20.
Repack loose ball rear hub w new bearings. $45. Heli-coil pedal hole repair (for aluminum cranks only) each $35.
Install new front axle & bearings, QR or nutted $40.


Install new front axle & bearings, QR or nutted $55. Adjust headset (steering bearings) $10.
Install sealed bearings in front hub $40. Overhaul steering bearings with new bearings $40.
Install sealed bearings in rear hub $50. Install new headset or road fork (no machining) $60.



Install new headset or road fork  (incl. machining frame & fork) $85. Computers, standard models, single wire $25.
Adjust std. caliper brakes per end. $15. Install suspension fork, incl. brake swap. $75. Computers, deluxe w/ cadence or multiple feed wireless $40.
Install brake pads and/or cable, per end $20. Replace seals or bushings in shock fork $85. Lighting systems, full sets with wiring & remote battery or generator. $40.
Install road brake levers (pair) including tape wrapping. $40.


Pedals, pair (not including cleats on shoes, see separate charges.) $8.
Install new cable upright bar levers, per end $15. Pack bike to ship, including box   $75. Pedal cleats, pair, install & set in correct position. $25.
Install new hidden cable in road brake levers, per end $20. Build new custom bike with varying mix of components. $350. Grips, install on MTB or upright handlebars. $10.
Remove & install internally broken brake cable in STI lever, per end $30. Build new boxed bike with all components as supplied by factory. $150. Road bar tape, install   $25.
Install pads and/or cable in cantilever or vee brake per end. $15. Re-assemble shipped-in used bike $75. MTB bar-ends, install, incl. repositioning shifters &  grips $15.
Install brake pads in disc brakes, per end $20.   Handlebars, MTB or road (Not including tape or grips) $15.
Install complete set pf mechanical disc brakes $60 Aero Clip-on bars ( incl. re-taping base bars) $45.
Install complete set of hydraulic disc brakes $100. Fenders, full multi-brace, install $45.
Bleed hydraulic brakes, per end $45. Baby seats, assemble new & install $35.
  Car mounted carrier rack, assemble new & install $35.

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