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       Established in 1975 as Toga Bike Shop. The name "Toga" was chosen because founder Robert Kraus had helped start the successful Toga Bike Shop in NY and thought the name was cool; however there was no financial or organizational connection to the NYC shop.

      Dale Brown joined Robert about a year later and through their shared enthusiasm for all aspects of bicycling, they created a shop that fostered a high level of cycling activity and an absolute dedication to quality products & service.

      "Toga" started and sponsored the first cycling club in Greensboro in modern times and welcomed members from throughout the region. The club, now the Greensboro Velo Club, has evolved into one of the largest and most active in the mid-Atlantic region.

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The progression of locations! (Click for more)

       In the early 1980s, because the Greensboro shop had gained some reasonable fame and there was confusion about "which Toga?", the shop's name was changed to cycles de ORO, which literally means "Cycles of Gold."  This was in reference to the Olympic gold medals and European bike culture's tradition of using the "ORO"  color to designate the best, as in the Italian Regina company's top-of-the-line models, the "ORO" chain and "ORO" freewheel.

      It was also a neat coincidence that there is an "ORO" at the end of Greensboro, and that there are two "Os" that sort of look like a bicycle (?)

      In the mid 1980s, Robert Kraus decided to go on to a PHD program at UNC-Chapel Hill.  Robert and Dale parted as great friends, Dale took over as head man at CDO.....and is still having fun!

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