Miscellaneous snapshots of
Toga/cycles de ORO staffers over the years


Dale 1978



Charles, late 1970s



Christmas 1987:




Robert, Steve and Emily



Stephen and Ryan



Steve, Charles, Tom, Jeremy and Kenneth.




Robert, Becky, Lyle, Sherrill and Mike 



John having a deep philosophical thought...



Jason, Windy and Jerm.





Bailey, Eric, Ben and Steve



John and Lyle working things out



Louis, Kyle, Rissa and Eric at the Las Vegas Interbike Show.



Andy, Natalie and Meredith



Jessica, Lindsay, Kyla and Sean




Kat, Andy, Dale & Robert.



Jared & Bailey at Sooper Sale!



Meredith, Marrisa, Megan and Sabrina




Adrian creating something



Staff ride 2007: Louis, Kyle, Ben, Meredith, Amanda and Robert




Sophie, Zach, Natalie and Woodie




Jon  at speed!



Woodie, Cathy and Ben

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