Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Tool School?

>>The cycles de ORO Tool School is a unique program for learning bicycle maintenance and repair in a hands-on environment. It's taught by cycles de ORO Bike Shop, well known as experts in repairing and maintaining bicycles. 

Included with course is the Park Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair. The material in this manual serves as a reference for topics covered in Tool School sessions.

How long is the course of study?

>> The course is 16 hours of classroom/repair bay study, covering 4 nights from 6:30 pm till 10:30 pm. That calculates to about $7/hour.

What does it cover?

>> It spans the whole range of bicycle mechanics, from basic lubrication & flat repair, to headset m hub and bottom bracket bearing overhauling, chain maintenance & replacing, cassette & freewheel care, spoke replacement & wheel truing, etc! 


What doesn't it cover?

>> Very advanced areas such as suspension fork and rear shock overhaul, hydraulic disc brake bleeding, frame and fork alignment, complete wheel building (beyond spoke replacement & truing), electronic shifting and e-bike electronics

Who can take this course?

>> Anyone who has the desire and inclination to understand and work on their own bikes. Each session is limited to a maximum of 8 students.


Where does this course take place?

>> All classes are in the cycles de ORO repair shop, in the stations where our technicians work during the day. Students get to inspect and learn about the state of the art tools and procedures used there.

Who is the instructor?

>> This session will be taught by
Dale Brown, president of cycles de ORO:

    Dale began his cycling career as a mechanic at A & S Bike Shop (Greensboro) in 1972, he became the manager of the Carolina Pedal Shop (Greensboro) in 1973, manager of the Old Salem Bike shop (Winston Salem) in 1974, and partnered with Bob Kraus at Toga Bike Shop (became cycles de ORO) in 1975.
   He wrote a mechanical Q&A column in the League of American Wheelman magazine in the early 1980s. He has been a custom bike frame maker and now collects vintage bikes. His is an International reference for these classic bikes.

   All this time Dale has performed mechanical services in the shop and as technical support at many cycling events.


Do we get to work on our own bikes?

>> Each student will be encouraged to bring their own bicycle to the classes. Attention will be focused on each to ensure we are covering mechanical details applicable to your own bike.

While every student's bike may not be actually worked on, the procedures you will learn will be useful for your own bike. And, we very well MIGHT work on your bike as an example for the group!

What does this course cost?

>>  The cost is $125.* for the full session and includes:

- The latest edition of the Park Big Blue Book

- An end-of-course coupon for substantial discount on tools

- A completion of course diploma. 

A pdf with more info & sign up form:  HERE

(* Enrollment is secured in advance by check or cash. There are 8 spots per session.

No refunds will be given, but the a specific session space may be transferred to another person.  Please advise if a transfer is desired. )

More questions, call cycles de ORO at 336-274-5959


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