The cycles de ORO Tool School is an award winning program for learning
bicycle maintenance and repair in hands-on classes at cycles de ORO Bike Shop. 

Each session is comprised of 4 nights over 2 weeks, with 16 hours of classroom study.


Next Session: 
Mondays, January 28 & 30
and Wednesdays, Feb 4 & 6
6 pm - 10 PM each night...


Lecture & hands-on topics include:
- Bicycle design & philosophy
- Emergency road side repair/flats.
- How to choose & use lubricants.
- Tools, bicycle specific & regular.
- Frame & drive train alignment.
- Shifting & brake adjustment.
- Bearing overhaul & adjustment.
- Spoke replacement & wheel truing.
- Routine bicycle maintenance...-
       And much more!

Limited to 10 students
Each attendee will receive:
- 16 hours of class work and hands-on bicycle
- Mechanical instruction in the actual repair shop
  at cycles de ORO bike shop.
- Ability to analyze your own bicycle and to
  confer with instructor.
- A special discount opportunity on bicycle tools
  from cycles de ORO.
- A completion-of-course Diploma


Taught by
Dale Brown, president of cycles de ORO.

Entry forms at cycles de ORO Bike Shop
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