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    The Milan based company of Emilio Bozzi owned three significant bicycle brands; Frejus, Legnano and Woolsit.
This is an unusual bike, not just that it has amazingly avoided the ravages of time, but in that it is fully marked as a Frejus but shares the signature features of the companion brand, Legnano. The color is the signature golden green of Legnano, it has the equally distinctive seat lug with the binder bolt underneath , and even the pump is hot stamped "Legnano".
    This bike also has no serial number... could it have been a special prototype, a show bike, a one-off special made for someone outside of normal production, or is it just a "glitch", a mistake and oversight?

   The complete bicycle as pictured here is almost completely original, including cables, spokes, rims, saddle etc., except for handlebar tape (it had red originally), brake lever hoods  and tires (it now has inexpensive but traditional appearing replacements).

Seat tube: 58 cm c-to-c/59.25 c-to-top
Top tube: 57 cm c-to-c

full_small.jpg full2_small.jpg full3_small.jpg front_small.jpg photo_small.jpg
levers_small.jpg levers2_small.jpg stem1_small.jpg stem2_small.jpg stem3_small.jpg
stem4_small.jpg stem5_small.jpg bar_small.jpg head_small.jpg head2_small.jpg
crown_small.jpg fork_small.jpg fhub_small.jpg cluster1_small.jpg cluster2_small.jpg
cluster3_small.jpg cluster4_small.jpg cluster5_small.jpg cluster6_small.jpg saddle1_small.jpg
saddle2_small.jpg saddle3_small.jpg saddle4_small.jpg dtdecal1_small.jpg dtdecal2_small.jpg
rbrake1_small.jpg rbrake2_small.jpg rder1_small.jpg rder2_small.jpg date_small.jpg
fder_small.jpg rhub_small.jpg crankset_small.jpg decal2_small.jpg pump_small.jpg
pump1_small.jpg pump2_small.jpg pump3_small.jpg decal4_small.jpg decal5_small.jpg
bb_small.jpg pedal1_small.jpg pedal2_small.jpg shifters_small.jpg rim_small.jpg
top_tube_dent_small.jpg front2_small.jpg full4_small.jpg full5_small.jpg