Part 1: Connecting through Paris Charles DeGaulle airport
Not an exercise in efficiencies! Buses to & from planes, long lines, chaotic situation.

13 images
Part 2: Visiting Firenze (Florence)
Amazing old city filled with hustle and
bustle and art everywhere.

63 images

Part 3: Siena, at the Villa Scacciapensiri:
Picked up the rental car, a cool & speedy little Fiat. Drive to Siena via San Gimignano. The hotel is a dream, old fashioned and elegant.

47 images

Part 4: Drive to visit Tommasini in Grosseto
Drive to a quieter more relaxed city near the sea & visit the Tommasini workshop:

49 images

Part 5. Gaiole in Chianti
The host village for the L'Eroica event, a cozy hotel on the town square and Classic Rendezvous friends from around the USA.

64 images

Part 6. Swap meet/Saturday
In Gaiole, indoor and out door offerings
 of vintage bicycles, parts and clothing.

166 images!

Part 7. Special bikes
Gloria, Wolsit, Bob's Hurlow, Brian's Colnago, Courtney's Sachs, Jan & Peter's bikes,
Mike's Resurrecto.

39 images

Part 8. The L'Eroica ride/Sunday
The heroic and dangerous ride up and down mountainous Chianti on "white" roads of limestone not much wider than an automobile.

131 images

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